Company Culture

“There is no limit what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


We are at the beginning of our journey to become one of the game changers in the field of new economics, new media, and social enterprising. In order to reach our goals, we need everyone on our team to be on the same page. This section will describe the type of atmosphere our working environment will entail.

Starting off, we will operate as a virtual organization. That means initially we will not have any office space. Our team will work remotely from their home office. We have online project collaboration software in place to bring our team together where we will post tasks, updates, deadlines, ideas, and more (It’s like a virtual office). The team will occasionally meet in person at places such as libraries, coffee shops, and other suitable locations. We are looking to add a diverse mix of talent to our team.


The following list will describe the type of values that will keep our organization together:


Our 12 Core Values


Ability Over Experience

We place importance on the job getting done effectively and efficiently, not how long you’ve been in a particular industry.


Our team is not micro-managed. So we need everyone to be self-motivated, have effective time management skills, and have a sense of responsibility for the work they produce.


A healthy sense of self and the ability to be assertive and confident are definitely skills we appreciate. However, the cause we are supporting is bigger than ourselves. We are a team, first and foremost.

Continuous Self-Improvement

You’re either growing or dieing. We position our team to learn new skills to excel in their position and life as well.


We are not afraid to listen to and try new ideas. We encourage our team to think outside the box.

Entrepreneurial Minded

Our team shares in the success of our organization. So we need everyone to think as an owner.

Open Communication

We encourage everyone to offer their ideas and opinions to the development of the organization. We place emphasis on resolving any internal conflicts immediately to prevent any long term negative effects.

Mutual Respect

This is a BOSS-FREE environment. We are all partners working together to create something to benefit ourselves and society as a whole. Titles do not carry weight here.


KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. We aim to keep all operations within the organization as simple as possible.


In order to work with us, you have to demonstrate in some way that you are passionate about a particular position. We want our team to love what they are doing.


We facilitate an open environment. We will share company plans and financials with every team member.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Being involved in a startup is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can take on. We need 110% effort from our team in order to succeed. We also understand the need to have FUN in the workplace. From company trips, events, and more, we’ll make sure this will be one of the best (if not the best) positions you ever had.


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